Patty’s Confessional

Hi, I’m Patty, and I have a problem.

“Hi Patty”

Let’s commence with the coffee drinking and cookies, ok? This is at least what I think happens at an AA meeting, based on the various gritty cop dramas I’ve watched. Anyhoo, I seriously have a problem when it comes to too much yarn. I’ve spent more money than I should on it, and I currently have enough to keep me entertained for probably the next 5 years…and now I’ve added spinning to the mix of things I like to do, so there’s a whole other thing to stash (fiber, spindles, tools…).

Why is too much stash a bad thing for me? At the heart of it, I think it’s the guilt over spending too much money, and the early stage hoarding that I fear it demonstrates. Earlier this year I organized my stash, double bagged and sorted by weight. It was great, I got rid of some things, and instead of enjoying the room I had made, I just filled it with more yarn. I get easily sucked in by a sale, or the “limited edition colorways”. I have an MBA, I should have better critical thinking skills and know this is just an excellent sales technique…but I fall for it anyway. “WHAT IF I CAN’T EVER GET THIS COLOR AGAIN???”, my brain screams. And what if I can’t? My life won’t end. It’s *just* (gasp) yarn. I will survive.

I need to set a few goals for myself to reduce this stash, and some rules around when it’s ok to buy new yarn. Like a food diet, I know if I just say “I can’t buy any more yarn” that it will work as well as if I say “I’ll never eat another cookie again”. Not going to happen. So here are my goals and rules:

  1. Reduce stash to 100 skeins (currently ~185 skeins), by selling or giving away, but mostly by completing projects
  2. Wait 24 hours and review my stash on hand before buying any new yarn/fiber
  3. Complete 3 sweaters for myself by March 2013 (completing bigger projects uses up a lot more stash!)

Ideally over time, my stash will only cover HALF of my bed:

June 2012 Stash


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