Maura’s WIP-down Confessional

I confess.  I have a problem with casting on.  I know, not normally a problem, but I have an equally difficult time finishing.  So I don’t really know how many WIP’s (works-in-progress) I currently have.

Today is the day I will go and face the tub of unfinished business.  Today I will take photos of the WIP’s and post them here for all to see.  And then I will keep tally of what I am doing to finish these.  I will not start another project until I finish one on the list.

Oh, that sounds painful.  See, I like hats and mitts.  I like making them in one day or a weekend.  I like working on something that I know I can get done quickly to keep me going through the big stuff.  The boring 200 rows of stockinette in the round for 288 stitches (Yes, I’m looking at you, Buttercup!).


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