Klara’s Confessional

I am in denial. I don’t have that much yarn. Not too much anyway. Probably 23 different kind of yarn, and about 13.000 yards. Is it a lot? Noooo, that’s totally normal, right? It only looks like it’s a lot.

The problem is, that 90% of my stash is summer yarn: mostly cotton and an absurd amount of just one cotton/bamboo blend. I don’t have much merino or wool, all I have is one set of yarn that is enough for a garment and 9 other yarns, that would make some hats and scarfs. I have a lot of extra balls: worsted or DK weight, mostly only 1-3 of each type, not enough for a decent project, but too much to throw it away. For me it’s more of a balance problem now.

So I have to use up all those leftovers, but also have to buy new yarn for winter and to find a new strategy for handling things.

Here is the deal for 2012:

  • I have 10 different winter yarn with significant animal fiber content. I should use them up. Most of it. Let’s say: 7 out of 10. Hats and scarfs, here I come.
  • I am allowed to buy new yarn, but it has to be a strategic purchase. It has to be enough for a planned (even if not specified) bigger project.

In 2013 there will be reckoning:

  • I have to rationalize the summer stash. There’s a lot of stuff I don’t like. There’s some stuff I got from my grandmother, totally worthless 20+ years old acrylic yarns. I have to sell them or give them away, or to charity, get rid of the yarn that only occupies place but never ever will be an option no matter what I want to knit.
  • I have to knit a big project from that Barka Gerlepár yarn I own. I have 2.6 kg of it, this is more than the weight of my daughter was when she was born. It can be an adult cardigan or baby blanket, but something that eats yarn. I have to reduce it’s weight to under 2 kg.

After that, I don’t know. Most probably I’ll start to build a more useful stash. I can’t wait.


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