Kelly’s Confessional

I luuurve the yarnz.  All. The. Yarnz.  I have oh-so-very-much yarn.  Lots.  Really. 

I acquired my stash quite quickly; it was a shock really to realize it was all there.  The turning point came when my partner was out at the car turning our son’s car seat around to forward facing.  He brought in several bags of yarn that had been living in the backseat.  He made a… face.  I put those car bags with the several bags of yarn living in my closet.  These bags were friends of the several bags sitting on the dining room radiator.  Some of this yarn I had forgotten.


I decided to organize.  Four plastic bins (medium – not super huge) of yarn were photographed and their names, colors and yardage were added to Ravelry.  I truly regret not keeping track of the dates yarn was purchased.  I would like to know – Has this yarn been here for a year?  Two? 

I am going cold sheep.  I will stashdown.  Check on me, I dare you.  Having all this yarn interferes with my ability to buy new yarn and I just can’t have that.

I will reduce by 30% or cold sheep March 31st 2013 – we will see which comes first.

Kind regards,



One response to “Kelly’s Confessional

  1. So we should expect the in stash counter to go down and the used up counter to go up? I will be watching…

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