Carolyn’s Confessional

Confessions from a Yarnaholic in Upstate New York

I only started knitting seriously about a year and a half ago, and as soon as I was introduced to Ravelry I knew that my bank account and extra storage space would be doomed. Up until that fateful meeting I had only ever knit with yarn purchased from a big box store – such as Michaels, Joanns, or Walmart. Now I’m not saying that the yarns purchased from these types of stores don’t have their place in a person’s stash, but for me, the moment I was introduced in person to merino, MCN and MCS skeins, I knew I was in deep, unprecedented trouble. Then, learning about the likes of Miss Babs, Indigodragonfly, Wollmeise, Cascade, (insert other amazing yarn brands) lead me down a very slippery slope and I fell… hard, right in to a pile of wool goodness. These yarns were so squishy, cuddly and wonderful I couldn’t get enough of them. I. Had. To. Have. All. The. Yarns. NOW!

That is how I got in to the situation (predicament?) that I am currently in. I did an inventory of my current stash a couple of weeks ago and was surprised to find that I had somehow accumulated 111 skeins of yarn (not counting my bare yarns for dyeing) – HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??? I’ve only been purchasing yarn for 1.5 years? So with the help of my friends from the Back of the Bus I am joining this Stashdown attempt, so that The Boy and I can live in harmony and I can stop smuggling skeins of yarn in to the house under my coat… hopefully.

My name is Carolyn and I am a Yarnaholic.

My Goals:

  • No more yarn through Christmas (except at the Fiber Festival – because really? that’s not fair)
  • I am a member of the Smartass World Dominating Knitters of Doom Club – so I receive 2 skeins of yarn every other month – Already paid for and I love it – You can’t take it away from me!

Let the battle of willpower begin!!!



2 responses to “Carolyn’s Confessional

  1. Can’t go yarn shopping. No matter, KNIT,. I see many beautiful FOs in your near future.

  2. Go Carolyn. I’m with you all the way – no more yarn until Christmas except for stuff I buy on holiday because…um.

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