Stashdown Confessional

sa-ble [sey-buhl], noun

1. (acronym, all capital letters) Stash-Acquisition-Beyond-Life-Expectancy
2. I have way, way, way too much yarn.
3. You can touch my yarn OVER. MY. DEAD. BODY.
4. Knit it?

Patty started it all.  On Ravelry, she started a new group thread called Stashdown Confessional.  Here is part of her original post:

I know we talked about feeling like we wanted to reduce our stash, or have some checks and balances when we want to buy more yarn… so I thought I would start a thread for us.

I’m making a commitment here to let my 3IG yarn club lapse in September, and not join any new ones for 6 months. I also unsubscribed from destash threads, with the exception of 3 yarns that I love and are discontinued, and hard to get ahold of.

I feel good about my progress… I did just order some more fiber to make more of the first batch of handspun yarn I made – I have a project in mind now and it needs about 2x the yarn I currently have. I also started spinning some new fiber last night and felt like “oh, I’ll order more now so I can make something bigger”, and stopped myself, and made myself reimagine what I could do with the final yarn, so I could just use what I had, and I resisted the urge!

Maybe we can use this thread to post when we’re about to order new yarn and need some will power 🙂 Love you guys!

This page on the Bus Full of Yarn will be a reality-show style confessional.  One person staring straight into the camera and stating, “Don’t blame me, the yarn made me do it” or “Miss Babs yarn is not stash!”


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