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Sisterhood of The Stashdown Scarf – Part 3.

Carolyn ended her report on the Travelling Scarf in November when it continued it’s journey from New York to Washington. There waited Meghan, who added a truly wonderful colourwork section and introduced green to the scarf.


Then there was some re-organizing, as the next recipient in line, Suzie, was in another continent. So the scarf left America and come to Europe at last. It was one long journey, but it finally arrived to travelled to Sweden. where Ida added some recycled delicate bouclé mohair yarn and a drop stitch pattern.


And the scarf finally arrived to Brussels, which makes me stop No.7.

I collected some nice lace patterns, but when I saw that piece of art in person, I had to realise that none of them fits the scarf. Or me. If lace doesn’t fit, then let’s keep it simple, I thought. So, I decided to use the simplest knitting pattern of all, a good addendum to all those wonderful different sections and something that represents the depths of my personality. So, garter it is.

I searched my stash for some green yarn that would fit the red in the last section and would give some Christmas-y colour sheme, but, of course, no green yarn was found. I found some white instead, and some blue, but mostly browns and beiges. So the best I was able to do to chose the white and two blues and to make some stripes.


I made only one twist. The scarf already grew very long ad there are 13 ladies waiting to work on it, so I decided to make it wider instead of knitting it longer. I like the result, but I’m also afraid that it dominates the scarf too much.


So, this is it. It’ll spend Christmas in an envelope, somewhere between Belgium and England.


Sisterhood of the Stashdown Scarf – Part 2!

After several weeks of impatiently waiting, I FINALLY got my chance to knit on the now famous stashdown scarf, more commonly (and lovingly!) known as the Frankenscarf. I was the fourth lucky recipient, so we have a little catching up to do:

First our Scarf traveled to Christy in Maryland where she spun up several yards off gorgeous purple to add to Maura’s basketweave beginning.

Then after Christy’s lightning fast spinning and knitting, the scarf traveled on to Sylvia in Utah! Sylvia quickly added on a gorgeous blue lace section and again sent the scarf off a travelin’.

California was the next stop and Michelle’s daughter wanted in on the action and chose a beautiful gradient brown yarn for the next addition.

After Michelle was finished the scarf was on its way to ME!!!! All the way from California to New York! I impatiently waited for the package and was so excited when the post office surprised me by delivering it in just a few days (I take back every mean thing I have said about the USPS).

Now the hard part of my job came, I actually had to decide on a yarn to use and what pattern to knit. Since it was a stashdown scarf I wanted to use some of my leftovers if possible but I wasn’t sure which leftovers would be the best… I was also set on doing cables because the scarf had two lace sections in a row and I wanted to break that up, but that was all I had figured out. After much hemming and hawing (and finally having mean moderator Kelly step in and tell me the scarf was due elsewhere quite soon) I decided that the leftovers from my most recent project (Susan B. Anderson’s Quaker Ridge Shawl) would be perfect!! I still had some leftover beads and could add them here and there as accents. On Halloween night I sat down to knit in between children knocking on my door and came up with this after a couple of hours:

I was really hoping to take a picture of the scarf in a beautiful location (because the Fingerlakes are known for some very scenic areas but Hurricane Sandy had other ideas so.. no gorgeous outdoor photos from me)

Tomorrow the scarf again begins its journey onward to Meghan in D.C. I hope she enjoys the scarf as much as I did! It was so much fun to see everyone’s knitting in person and to actually get to feel some of Christy’s gorgeous handspun (seriously, her stuff is amazing!).

Safe Travels!

Sisterhood of the Stashdown Scarf – Part 1

As you know if you have been on the Bus Full of Yarn before, many of us have a commitment to using up some of the yarn in our stash.  We chat a lot about yarn, our stash, what we are working on…  We chat a lot.  One day, the chatter went back to our swap and how much fun that was.  First – a little history on the swap.

Twelve of us signed up in May of 2012 for a secret swap within our Ravelry group.  Patty was in charge of drawing names for us and sharing addresses.  Then pandemonium ensued.  We started a thread where we asked and answered random and not-so-random questions about the wants, needs and allergies of the group.  Then packages were posted and flew around the world and photos started coming in of the packages that people were receiving.

A collage of some swap gifts from the Super Secret 2012 Swap

As we were discussing the thought of having another swap next year, several of us expressed our disappointment in waiting until 2013 to do the swap again.  We came up with 2 ideas of how to get through until the next swap.

  1. A traveling project for everyone to work on
  2. A traveling finished object for everyone to take a picture with and pass on

Of course, we decided to do both.  The first to happen will be the Stashdown Scarf.  I had about 4 inches of a scarf that I started, but I don’t know what the pattern is and I have no intention of finishing it.

Stashdown Scarf

The beginning of something wonderfully hideous

Off it went this morning, this little bit of knitted softness.  It will travel the world for the next several months, visiting many friendly hands in various countries all over the world.  Its journey will be recorded here with photos as it goes.  I wish it safe travels and much fun along the way!