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Meet the Back of the Bus bloggers

It’s a little like Cheers, I guess.

You know Cheers – the American television program back in the days when everyone still thought Ted Danson had hair?

BusFullofYarn is a lot like Cheers, the kind of place where everybody knows your name.  It’s a mixed bag of folks, and you best be wary, but something just feels… right.

Did you ride the bus to school?  There was always that questionable group of kids.  You were never really sure if you wanted to flee in fear or join them for a hoppin’ good time.  The BOTB bloggers are a lot like that group of kids.  We aren’t the only BOTB gals – a fair number of our posse were smart enough to move away quickly when someone said “let’s start a blog”.  They will probably be chucking dpns at us long after this blog has gone quiet.

We all met on Ravelry.

It seemed like a good idea in January of this year (2012) to join a group with a mission to complete 12 objects; knit, crochet, spinning, weaving – just 12 finished objects.  Some of us are zooming along, some of us are taking great glee at not finishing a single thing; but we all get along like bread and butter.  We like each other.  Enough to be sarcastic.  Enough to be nice.  Enough to ask about kids and pets and moving and partners and jobs and knitting.  We like each other.

However we are still that group of kids, possibly fun/possibly dangerous, on the back of the bus.  So, as you read our blog (and we hope you will) we understand if occasionally you have the urge to flee in fear.

Come back soon to meet us one-by-one.

Kind regards,