Scarves – The Gateway Drug to Weaving Part 1

I have always loved scarves.

I really do mean LOVE. When I go on vacation, I don’t buy knick-knacks or post-cards to remember where I was – I buy scarves… and I have a ton of them! My fiancé thinks I’m a bit strange and I am now banned from purchasing more (except souvenirs)  as I have plenty of yarn to make my own with (he doesn’t get it)

Now, I love knitting and knitted items. Don’t get me wrong. However, for some reason, I do not wear my knitting scarves like I do my fabric scarves. My two all-time favorites are hand-woven summer scarves that I bought in Belgium while I was working overseas a few years back.

Here is one of them (and isn’t it gorgeous!):

photo (12)

While browsing Ravelry one day I came across the Weaver’s Marketplace group and did a little bit of research and found out about Rigid Heddle weaving. This meant that I could use my beautiful yarn to make my favorite type of accessory!!! Hand woven scarves and pashminas and shawls! After a little bit of scrimping and saving I found a great sale on a small Rigid Heddle loom – a 10” Schacht Cricket and snapped one up! As I hit pay I had just the slightest negative thought that went something like “What the heck are you doing!? You don’t know how to weave! And there is no one nearby you that weaves and would be willing to help when you inevitably make a giant mistake. Why are you doing this!?!”

But at that point it was too late and I had already started my way down the slippery slope of weaving.

To be continued soon…


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