Crafting for Christmas or Is my MIL Knit-Worthy?

I have been roped into knitting for my mother-in-law for Christmas.  Normally, I consider her not knit-worthy.  She is not high on my list of favorite people in the world and is actually fairly high on my list of least-favorite people in the world.  But…

The in-laws were visiting for the birthday of the youngest child and stayed at our house (very full house! My mother is still staying with us).  We went to dinner and I was wearing my newly completed Clapotis which I am inordinately proud of.  During dinner she commented “Oh, don’t the stores have such nice scarves this year?”  My own mother nearly swallowed her tongue and started choking and coughing at this as I had spent 3 solid days finishing, soaking and blocking the Clapotis.  I replied, “Oh, I made this!”  Then I told her and my father-in-law that I would offer to make her one, but as the pattern is a monumental pain in the ass, I am not planning on ever making it again.

Newly finished Clapotis

After dinner, the husband’s sister called while we were all sitting around talking, and I was knitting because that’s what I do. I had made a Color Affection for her and sent it to her as an early Christmas gift.  Now, this SIL is my favorite of the husband’s family and she is the one who I blamed previously for starting me down the knitting path.  She was so excited and so appreciative of the gift.  The MIL gave me a look when I explained that I had made the SIL a gift.  You know.  A look.  Then she asked me what I was working on.  Oh, I said.  I am working on another Color Affection requested by my own mother who was sitting innocently in the rocking chair.  This garnered me another look.  Sigh.  Then she said with far more tact than I have ever given her credit for having or using that she would love to have anything that I made.  Weird.  She is usually much more underhanded and manipulative than that.  Hmmm…

After they left to go home, I did go to the store and bought some worsted weight acrylic.  I am modifying the Color Affection pattern to use worsted weight rather than lace or fingering weight.  This way, I will not spend too much time and energy on something that I am not sure that she will ever use, but she will have something that I made.  And it will be washable.  This is really self preservation.  This way, she can never tell me that I only made things for my own mother, that we don’t love her as much, blah, blah, blah…


9 responses to “Crafting for Christmas or Is my MIL Knit-Worthy?

  1. I take it that MIL is not a knitter or crafter of any kind? That makes such a big difference in appreciation from your giftee. That, or extensive exposure to other rabid crafters (like my aunt).

    • She is not a crafter. Also she is a hoarder which means that she wants something just so no one else can have it. It is a very difficult relationship.

      • I see… Can you buy something, carefully remove the tags, and claim you made it?

        I know that’s lying and bad but…

      • Gosh, I feel terrible for suggesting that. But I understand the frustration. I used to have someone in my life a bit like that. While she appreciated my gifts, I knew they would end up on the floor in a mound in her closet. So while I wanted to make her stuff, I often couldn’t bring myself to do so.

        No probably not a good idea to buy and remove tags. That just leaves all sorts of sit-com horribleness open.

        This situation makes me frustrated. And I’m not even in it.

      • It is frustrating. But after 20+ years, I am much more accepting. Don’t worry, it will all work out. Karma is a bitch.

    • Love the idea of buying something! No, I will be nice and make something. Just not as fine as I would gift to someone else. 🙂

  2. Oh what a dilemma, I hate the thought that something that I make would not be loved by the person who owns it. Maybe she genuinely loves your work and felt left out, if this is the case when you make it for her it might actually bring you closer. If she’s just a b***h then don’t waste your time and talent on her. You DO NOT have to knit just because someone gives you a look lol X

  3. Ugh, obligated knitting. I’ve made a few things for people in the past out of obligation…sucks. I hope at least she shows a level of appreciation worthy of your work! Good plan though for the worsted and less expensive yarn!

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