Sziasztok! (means Hello)

I’m Klara, and I’m the new girl. New in this blog, but also roughly new to knitting – it started less than 2 years ago.

I am Hungarian, but my family moved to Belgium 3 years ago, and it was tough. I lived abroad before, but I didn’t know that having 1.5 children would make such a big difference. It’s just difficult to raise a kid in a country where you have communication problems and it’s very lonely to be at home with a baby when everybody you know has a job or is 1350 km away.

What saved me was a freshly organized mother-baby club, that provided new friendships and endless information. And God, I needed both of them. There was an answer for almost every question and there were lots of questions. Like where to find a creative hobby store around the city. Or a fabric store. And it turned out that there are a lot of creative moms; sewers, quilters, crocheters, all in need of company. So we made a sub-group, to share books, patterns and addresses. I was a passionate sewer that time, did cross-stitch, developed interest in quilting and still had no intention to buy anything but fabric.

But one February day one of the girls arrived to a club meeting with 6 pairs of needles and some leftover yarn and was willing to teach anyone how to knit.  I bought some yarn in a flea market and was ready with my first hats in 2 weeks (imagine 2 squares sewn together. I also attached some weird rabbit ears, so I was very proud. Yes, it’s the one below.) Then in March I registered on Ravelry and paid my first visit at my LYS. I cast-on my first dress just 3 weeks later. And since then I’m in. I’m deep.


The Hat

I will never finish the quilt I was working on and I only sew when there is a specific need for it. Or when I make project bags. I haven’t touched my beautiful (also: enormous) cross-stitch project since. Instead, I knit. A lot. I’m a knitter forever.


One response to “Sziasztok! (means Hello)

  1. What a lovely story, a fantastic hat and a super-cute baby. I’m relatively new to blogging too, but I have to confess to being a knitter for over 30 years now, although I did have to take a break for 5 years and am back now with a vengeance. Once you’re hooked you’ll love it forever. Enjoy!!!

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