Spinning a Purple Yarn (Part 4)

When we last met, our intrepid hero had spun a small section of fluff into something that loosely resembled yarn.  Upon measurements, the section of fluff was about 3 yards long and weighed 3 grams.  It will never knit up into anything that looks like anything.  Back to try again…

Attempt #2 looked a lot like the first attempt, very loose, lots of fluffy parts with no spin to it surrounded by over spun and almost breaking parts.  It was 6 1/2 yards long.  Again, not a lot of yarn – but it looked more yarn like.  Here are photos of the first two attempts:

The first of the purple yarn

Over the next few days, I keep working at it.  Among the lessons that I learned are:

  1. Pre-drafting the yarn is a good idea when you are learning
  2. When the yarn breaks, it is easy to fix
  3. At the start, it is easier to do the spinning and the drafting as separate motions
  4. This spinning thing is addictive

At the end of the week, I had 6 teeny-tiny little bits of no-longer fluff, but stuff!  Here is the proof:

Lined up all in a row, 1 through 6

This past weekend, I have been spinning like a fool.  I measured out my fluff (40 grams) and divided it into two equal halves.  I spun the first half, being very careful with the amount of fiber I was spinning to keep a fairly even product.  I wound the first 20 grams onto a spare knitting needle.  Then on to the second half of the fluff.  I repeated the process.  As I was spinning I realized that I am getting better at spinning and drafting at the same time, falling into a rhythm that escaped me a week ago.  This morning I wound the second 20 grams onto another knitting needle and began plying the two strands together.  I discovered that I had about 3 yards more out of the second spinning than the first, so I broke it and plied it at the end – no knotting – and have a nice little skein of yarn.  I am unbelievably proud of myself.  Here is Attempt #7, the final product for this blog series.

Purple Yarn!

It will not be the last fiber that I spin, but it is a starting point.  Which brings me back to the beginning.  Now I know that I want a spinning wheel in my living room.  A functional one.


3 responses to “Spinning a Purple Yarn (Part 4)

  1. This is absolutely fabulously wonderful. It looks great, you have real yarn, dyed and spun by you! So cool.

  2. Great job Maura! You really CAN do anything! This is really cool! Miss you!

  3. Bravo! You did it. You made real yarn. Yay.

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