Spinning a Purple Yarn (Part 2)

Where were we?  Oh, yes.  I believe I had just determined that if I am going to put a spinning wheel in my living room as a, erm, decoration, I should probably be able to use it.  It doesn’t seem to me that a spinning wheel is an intuitive machine.  There are so many different looks – some very old fashioned, others ultra-modern.  This spinning stuff looks complicated.  Maybe I should not just buy a spinning wheel, but do a test drive of sorts.  I shouldn’t just buy the first available and cheapest model on eBay, should I?  I hear that people make yarn out of fluff with a spindle.  That sounds less, well, invasive on my living room and my pocket book.  But where does one get the immediate gratification?  This is not something you can just pop to the nearest Wal-Mart to buy.  Off to Ravelry to check what the Ravelers have to say!

It turns out there is a large group of people spinning their own yarn.  Who knew?  I knew that Christy (aka Junipero on Ravelry) was spinning some fabulous stuff, but I had no idea how many people were spinning!  I found that the Yarn Barn of Kansas is only about 20 miles from my new home.  Not only do they have what looks like a fabulous c!ollection of yarn, but they stock looms and spinning wheels and the supplies for both.  And they have classes!  Classes that I may be able to attend (depending on when they are offered) and learn new fiber crafts.

A trip was called for.  Immediately.  But how to ditch 2 or 3 kids on the last days of summer vacation and get to Lawrence?  In the middle of the day?  Hmmm…  Turns out that the Middle Child had to go to her middle school for a tour and to get her schedule.  Said Middle Child is definitely the most amenable to fiber arts and yarn stores.  And she can keep a secret like nobody’s business.  So, off we went to tour her school and run (quickly) to Lawrence and back.  The Yarn Barn is amazing.  Worth driving for.  Huge looms, yarn, books, wheels, tools of every kind.  And right next to a Jimmy John’s (#6 no mayo please).  And two doors down from a quilting store!  Is this heaven?

Fifteen minutes later, I was out the door with some Amethyst colored merino fluffAmethyst Merino Top

and a Louet top whorl drop spindle.  Next time, we’ll get into the beginning of my learning curve.  And the tools and web-sites I have used to climb this hill.


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