Reunited, and It Feels So Good

Call off the hounds, take down the ‘Missing’ posters!  The yarn has been found!  My lovely little girls (they did something good so I am not referring to them as heathens) found the semi-exploded yarn brick shoved in a closet in the basement.  I swear I had looked through every closet in this house and possibly even the garden shed.  Here is what the yarn brick looked like when packed and ready at the old house.

And here is what the yarn brick looks like today.

I am so relieved to have my yarn back.  My Buttercup can see some needle time, my swap yarn is back in my hands!  I guess that means I will have to go on that yarn diet after all…


4 responses to “Reunited, and It Feels So Good

  1. Yaaaay! This is such good news. I’m thrilled for you! Also feel a little ashamed that this is all your yarn?? This is clearly not enough. Certainly not enough for me to feel ok about my ridiculous stash.

  2. Oh – no, this is not ALL of the yarn. This is just what I could live without during the move. There is more. Much more 😉

  3. Makes my stash look downright tidy and tiny. Hmmm, must be finishing all these 20+ year projects. Congrats.

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