Breaking Black – Chicago

I broke black.  That makes me sound wicked cool, doesn’t it?

I used just shy of two balls of Fortissima Socka.  This actually involved ripping out the contrast toe/heel of a half-knit sock.  I came to terms that I would never finish that sock, and I ripped.  That is my level of committment to “breaking bad”.

Dye Specifics:

– Wound in 16 inch hanks
– Soaked in .5 cups white vinegar and 12.5 cups water (1 hour)
– Striped on Wilton black
– Squished hanks to fleck color

It needed more, so:
– Dropped into slow cooker w/1 pink Easter egg tablet and 8 drops McCormicks red

Voila!  I broke bad.

Kind regards,



4 responses to “Breaking Black – Chicago

  1. Short and sweet! Nice! I love that we wound up doing similar processes – I love the subtle pink/gray that you ended up with. Looking good!

  2. I want to see what you are going to make with your yarn!

  3. You’ve all inspired me. Breaking Black – Palm Springs (well, okay, Indio) is going down this weekend.

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