Breaking Black

So back on August 11, Carolyn, with no idea what she was starting, casually posted “I really want to try breaking black” on Ravelry.

Breaking Black, for the uninitiated, refers to the fact that black food colouring is made up of other colours, and because the take-up rate differs for each colour, when you dye yarn with black, you wind up with the colours separating.

Kelly replied, “I have always wanted to break Wilton’s black and I have just never been brave enough. Wanna do a comparison dye for the blog? We could each buy a skein of the same bare yarn so we started with the same thing and then dye it without telling the other what we were doing. Good comparison photos, I bet.”


Two weeks and well over 500 posts later, and having sucked Patty and Rachel into the vortex, we have all broken black. (Of course, being the Back of the Bus girls, we soon gave up the idea of starting with the same yarn. That would be too much like a rule.)

Keep watching, because over the next few days we will be presenting our different methods, and our crazily different results….


2 responses to “Breaking Black

  1. I want photos. Lots of photos. With color and black and no more white. I feel like Audrey: FEED MEEEE (extra vowels inserted for Kelly)

  2. I shall have to find some home-school kids to do this with, so we get science credits, while having immense fun. And a little hand spinning twirl dowl thingy to pretend to spin sheep wool and cotton. You back of bus girls are so persuasive…..

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