The knitting. Hi, I’m Kelly!

I took up the knitting after the birth of my first child – my son Gummy Bear.  I needed a quiet hobby.  A calm hobby.  A hobby that WOULD NOT WAKE A SLEEPING BABY.

The knitting.

Somehow the knitting has gone from something intended to fill brief stretches while Gummy Bear slept to an all-encompassing obsession of epic degree.  Since the knitting onslaught began, I have had a second child – my daughter Jelly Bean.  She does not like the knitting, as it is not non-stop attention focused on her.  My DLP (domestic life partner – snazzy, right?) is “okay” with the knitting.  He benefits occasionally with a hat or scarf.  Just don’t ask about his sweater, because its work-in-progress *cough* status is something of a sore spot…

Our family rounds out with the greyhound, Kieran.  Noodle.  Potamus.  She is ambivalent about the knitting because it is neither cheese nor peanut butter.  If you would like to know more about her, her history or her race stats check out her formal name Hibest Carrie.

I will continue the knitting, for your reading pleasure.

Kind regards,



2 responses to “The knitting. Hi, I’m Kelly!

  1. I love this picture of you and Kieran! She is adorable. I’m so glad you’re here!

  2. Kelly, you are an amazing knitter and person. Gummy Bear, Jelly Bean, and DLP are fortunate to have you as the foundation rock of your household. And it’s been fun getting to know you, here on the bus.

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