Kia Ora! (that means Hi! )

Some say I’m really nice and kind of funny. Some say I’m a pretty good knitter. Some say that I’m a crazy cat lady and going to make an awesome vet nurse.  Some even say I’m loud, somewhat warped and likely to lead you all astray!!

All my friends know is, I’m NZGeekGirl! (Genevieve is my real name but I have been known to answer to GeekGirl also)

Personally, I tend to describe myself as a bit of a social media whore (can I use that word? Are there kids present? Is it after 8pm?) with a sad addiction to the likes of Twitter and Facebook. And Ravelry.

Ravelry is like Facebook on crack but for yarn addicts. And I am a yarn addict, oh yes I am. I took up knitting just after the birth of my girl child (Miss 5) and have pretty much never looked back. The husband is a darling, he patiently suffers through my growling at patterns, tossing projects when the stitch count goes wrong and me taking over his liquor cabinet for my yarn and patterns (that was a really funny story actually…you see…ahhh yeah…anyway). I especially love knitting the natural fibres produced in my home country of New Zealand but that doesn’t stop me lusting after some of the gorgeous overseas options. (Want to send me a Christmas present, I currently can’t get enough Knit Picks hint hint).

When not patting soft balls of yarn, you’ll either find me wrangling Miss 5 and Mstr 2 or any of our 5 cats or 4 mice. It’s probably a good thing I’m currently doing distance learning to become a vet nurse given the pet count. If I’m very lucky I get to shut the kids, cat and husband out of the bathroom and disappear into a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine.

Other than that, I love coffee, rugby, the colour grey, reading crime and psychological thrillers, watching classics such as Highlander, Firefly or CSI and knitting all the while.

Anything else is likely to change as it takes my fancy.


3 responses to “Kia Ora! (that means Hi! )

  1. Daaaam girl! Nice hat! I love your taste in TV – I am fascinated with all of the tools and techniques they use in CSI. Do you like ALL things Knit Picks? Any specific yarn? 🙂

    • Well given my gorgeous Knit Picks interchangeables I think the answer is safely a yes!! I’m currently loving their sock/4 ply yarn. Got sent some in our swap. One lot is being used to make my Owlie socks. I love the verigated for my socks…so much fun!!!
      Interestingly I did also start on a science degree intending to go on to forensics. My health stopped me and now I’ve switched into vet nursing. Still forensics is fascinating!!
      PS Might have to show off the rest of the hat collection. *ponders*

  2. Gen, I love your quirkiness and admit to years of hat addiction. You will make a wonderful vet nurse. All the pets will love the constant grooming you give them, while secretly squirreling away all the lovely hair to spin. Cat angora.

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