Another view from the “Back of the Bus”

Why hello! I’m Patty. Come on in and stay a bit.

I’ve been knitting for about a year and a half. My first introduction to knitting came after asking a friend about a great little rug on her floor. The rug was squishy, funky, and colorful (which is probably how I might be described, but more on that later).

“I made that!”, she said, asking if I knew how to knit.

“Why would I want to learn to knit?” I asked, considering knitting to be for old ladies and shut-ins.

After convincing me that knitting was not so bad after all, and I would need to learn anyway so I could make one of these rugs, because hell knows she’s not going to make me one, I reluctantly accepted her instruction. Little did I know that just a few months later, I would become a shut-in of sorts, and would most definitely feel like an old lady.


The rug that started it all.

In June of last year, I was bouldering for the second time ever with some friends. I honestly didn’t want to go, I had a bad feeling about it that day – I wanted to just sit and watch. Not wanting to seem like the slightly chubby friend who’s athletically challenged (oh wait, I am), I swallowed my apprehension and got on the wall. Half way up I slipped and fell onto the thick padding below. My friends cheered and said “good job, try again!”

How I wish I hadn’t tried again. I got all the way to the top, about 12′ from the ground. I felt excited and proud that I had made it…until I felt my grip starting to slip. Since I’d fallen and been fine on the last attempt, I pushed off from the wall and jumped down.

I didn’t hear the my leg bones snapping – but I knew immediately I had hurt myself. I looked down and saw my lower leg pointed at an odd angle. “Is it broken?” I asked, my friends and partner rushing to me. I must have gone into shock because at that point I honestly thought it was like a shoulder – somehow it could be popped back into place, and I would be fine. Clearly, that was not to be.


The view from my hospital bed.

I spent the next month in and out of the hospital, ending up with 4 plates and 26 screws holding my tibia and fibula back together. For the next 3 or 4 months, I spent long hours with my foot elevated, watching bad television, high on pain killers (for the first month at least), and continuing to knit.

Knitting gave me something else to focus on besides the pain, the fear, and the inconvenience of my injury. Researching knitting, patterns and yarn kept me intellectually engaged, and led me to this amazing place called Ravelry. I was thoroughly hooked. Finding Ravelry led me to this group of amazing women who have become people I genuinely care about, even though we’ve never met – although I hope to change that over time!

My goals for myself with this blog are to make people laugh, post tutorials, and links to helpful information that I’ve found through my rather extensive internet research (research, screwing around, it’s all semantics, really). My style is generally pretty irreverent, some might say crass. I love photography and videography, and I hope to bring some of that to this blog as well. That’s my photo up there in the header, of this gorgeous Wild Apple Bohus sweater kit from Solsilke. I’m the kind of knitter who isn’t afraid of trying something stupidly complicated, and I love encouraging knitting friends to trust themselves and try something new and challenging. A few patterns are percolating in my head that I’m looking forward to sharing, including a pattern for this sweater:


Pattern coming soon!

Thanks for reading – I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us!



4 responses to “Another view from the “Back of the Bus”

  1. I freaking love that sweater. And I am so glad you are on this bus with us!

  2. Love the waves on the sweater!

  3. What a monstrous leg adventure, but glad you put time to knit in the blessings bag. I so love your sweater, not sure I have skills to do it, but I’m with you in trying.

  4. I LOVE that sweater. I can’t wait for the pattern. 🙂

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